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Vacancy Notice: Program Manager (Full-time)

  • Starting Date: 1 May, 2023
  • Location: Bangkok, Thailand
  • Deadline: 18 April, 2023

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There is no internship position at FES Thailand at the moment.

The Bangkok Office of FES offers internships to Thai students who want to experience the working environment of a political foundation and who have completed at least the first three years of their studies. A study background in political science, sociology, economics or related areas is an advantage. In addition to such academic experience, any social engagement and interest in international cooperation is welcome.


Interns mainly assist the Resident Director and the Programme Managers. Their tasks include independent preparation and organization of conferences and visitor programmes, participation in seminars and workshops, individual research and writing of texts and papers, and assistance in daily office work. The duration of the internship should be not less than three months and not more than six months.


Applications should be submitted in English and well in advance. The dates of internships are arranged on a case-by-case basis. The consideration process will begin six months prior to the desired start date. Applications should include the following:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • statement of interest
  • description of subject areas and activities of particular interest
  • statement of the preferred date and duration of internship

Please send your application by email to info(at)fes-thailand.org


The promotion of young talent has been one of the founding principles of FES.

At the time when Friedrich Ebert was elected as the first president of the Weimar Republic, it was almost impossible for talented children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds to study at universities or take part in research programmes. With the founding of FES in 1925, the first scholarships were awarded to particularly talented young individuals from a working-class milieu who were taking an active part in the young democracy of the Weimar Republic.

It continues to be one of the aims of FES to address social disadvantages by supporting students who actively work for freedom, justice and social cohesion in their commitment to social democracy, or will do so in future.

Who is eligible?

It is the view of FES that service to the common good deserves recognition. Therefore not only the applicants' academic achievement but also their social and political involvement and personal attitudes play an important part in the selection process.

International students

FES also supports foreign applicants studying in Germany at the time of application. Up to 40 students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe may qualify for the scholarship programme every year, with the exception of those already receiving support from public sources.

Please note that FES can only award scholarships to applicants from abroad who have already enrolled in a German university or have a supervisor for their doctoral studies. Such applicants must also submit a German language proficiency certificate.

For more information please visit the FES Scholarship Department website.

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